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Kristin loves playing with her food. She is also a recovering lawyer.

Kristin held a six month apprenticeship with food photographer Evi Abeler, and in that time was exposed to the art of food styling-- with which she immediately fell in love. Since that time, she has worked as an assistant food stylist on shoots for Food + Wine Magazine, Bon Appetit, The Food Network, and numerous cookbooks. She has also served as a food stylist and recipe developer for product shoots. 

Kristin also enjoys the intersection of food + writing.  Formerly a contributing writer for Taste the Style, she has recently taken a memoir approach to recipe writing, which can be read under Head Notes on this site. An essay on her career changes, patience, and the art of homemade mayonnaise, was recently published in the August 2016 issue of Remedy Quarterly. 

Kristin is available for food styling and assisting roles, recipe testing and development, as well as contributing writing. Reach out to inquire. 

Photography: Evi Abeler II Whisking + Styling: Kristin Stangl, 2016 for Remedy Quarterly